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Things You Should Know Before Dating a Latina

Are you dating a Latino? You probably find the accent sexy, their sense of style appealing and the whole situation wildly exotic. It’s fun to try different foods, listen to new music and stumble across the dancefloor to a salsa beat. Learning about their political beliefs, family values and how they view your country is an eye-opener as well. Until they start attacking it.

I don’t want to burst your love bubble but if you’re dating a Latino, here’s at least 13 things you need to know:

She'll probably run on LST. That's Latino Standard Time for all you gringos out there, so when you make dinner reservations for 8, you might want to tell her to meet you at 7 (just in case). On the plus side, if you're going to any Latin-specific events (her family's throwing a party, etc.), no one cares if you show up two hours after the specified time on the invitation. In other words, plans are flexible and always subject to change.

You Will Secretly Love Being Different

But she wants to be on time, she really does. Commit these words to memory: "I'm on my way."No, no she's not. When she texts or calls you and says this, what she really means is, "I haven't gotten out of bed or showered yet, but I'm thinking about it."

You’ll spend many a long hour teasing each other for watching the novela or being addicted to Jeopardy. And you’ll suffer moments when all you want to do is go back to being normal. Have a normal conversation with a normal person who understands why children should have a curfew. But, in spite of it all. You’ll secretly love being the one in the family with the El Salvadorian boyfriend. Being different is interesting. And latin dating is certainly that.

While love is love no matter what, some prefer to date within their own race, ethnicity and even religious or political views. Today there are dating sites for yogis, doctors, lawyers, pet lovers, and of course, Latinos or Hispanics. Many sites come and go, but here are five that have been around for a while and that have different offerings depending on what you are looking for, whether it is a friend or a more lasting relationship—even marriage. All of them have a free feature which allows you to check out the scene, and all of them have paid subscriptions that you can find out about once you become a registered user.

More About Hispanic Women

It’s a day to celebrate love and that special person you’re sharing your life with. Or that special person your friends set you up on a blind date with. Either way, if she’s Latina there are a couple of things you might want to avoid doing, or saying. To help you out we’ve put together these tips on what not to do if you’re on a date with a Latina, with some help from the amazing Aubrey Plaza.

And then boy will be stuck tapping into the Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez analogies that have put Latinas at the forefront of popular culture, but often make their physical standards a social crutch during real life exchanges. Sure, these women are stunning and have helped create an appreciation for curvature some men and adolescent boys did not even realize existed (or more so, that they even wanted) but they are not the blanket casing.

Latin America is a true mash up of skin tones and ethnic backgrounds; meaning there are no real physical outliers for the hispanic dating woman. In the Caribbean and coastal Latin America, African slaves, indigenous tribes, and Spanish Europeans collided, leading to myriad physical outcomes. Some Latinas cannot tan because their skin is too pale. Some Latinas have dead straight hair. Some Latinas can pass for African American. There are also areas in Central and South America that have strong Asian backgrounds.

Take a peek at the following famous, diverse Latina faces and bodies: Zoe Saldana, Karla Souza, Joan Smalls, Cameron Diaz, Cintia Dicker, and America Ferrera, for just a few reference points. And our beloved Sofia is actually a natural blonde!

Bottom line: Latinas don’t all look the same. So let go of the “You don’t look Latina” line, unless you want to look ignorant.

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